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Elite Life Coaching (ELC) is a brand that provides Hope, Support and Progress. We embody the family culture of love and compassion. We believe that people are like water, they are both our most valuable resource. To Nurture, Develop and Educate is our core tools to grow our nation are Highly Professional with a trusting Logo that portrays our excellence.

Dedication to tirelessly help people change their lives for the betterment of our beloved nation is the value that drives us forward. We maintain an honest and transparent relationship with Government and Private Sector respectively and engage relative companies to collaborate in growing the coaching and development industry of Botswana guided by the two pillars of the Vision 2016.

Our relationship with our clients is highly valued and anonymity is of paramount importance. Confidentiality is Guaranteed.

The Why

Lydia K-Tlhalerwa and Jason R. Down are the founders of Elite Life Coaching. Jason himself, a recovering Alcoholic, has over 6 years of sobriety, and still believes that he has many more to be grateful for. He has experienced, first-hand, the pitfalls of alcoholism and drug addiction.

His life experience has allowed him the gift to become an educator of a program that taught him essential life skills to overcome the overwhelming emotions and fears that tormented him to abuse alcohol and drugs.

This program has been derived from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It has been effective since 1935, saving millions of lives from alcohol or drug related deaths.

Many people believe that alcoholism is a choice. This is not true, it IS a disease defined by the World Health Organisation. We believe that educating the youth on the lessons learned from surviving alcoholism and how to work a very simple program to create a spiritual foundation, and a personal insight into managing our emotions and behaviours which will ultimately provide a foundation for progress and successful individuals.

Our Vision

To create a legacy of services and products that will continue to bring greater quality of life to all who seek self-actualization and personal development

Our Mission

To educate and equip the nation with tools to manage socially acceptable and culturally appropriate emotional and behavioural patterns that would ultimately help them make the right decisions for their sustainable futures

Our Goals

To provide a service to the government and private educational institutions to create awareness and equip the youth with tools to direct their emotions and behaviours away from substance abuse and addictions. To provide a platform for students to work our substance prevention program.