Developing the nation to become world class leaders and create a


About Elite

Elite Life Coaching (ELC) is a newly established private company that came into existence a year ago to counsel, mentor and provide life coaching. ELC has contributed immensely to the welfare of the country, and is now building an international and local network with many professionals who specialize in managing rehabilitation centres, health facilities, well-being and safety in the workplace. Through the network which ELC manages through its office in Botswana, it intends to open an operation in the Republic of South Africa very soon.

The Strategy

Elite Life Coaching has been modelled from the Vision 2016 Pillars of a Safe and Secure Nation and strives to create an Informed and Educated nation, we are looking at building towards the sustainable Vision 2041, where we deliver personal and professional transformation.

We have identified the need for solutions to tackle the ever growing pandemic of alcohol and drug abuse in Botswana. We aim to collaborate with various entities from Government, NGO’s and Private sector to succeed in the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction. We will position ourselves in the industry to create a society that is dedicated to equipping the youth with tools to manage their emotions and beliefs which will ultimately lead to informed and educated decisions.

We have identified that we cannot protect our children from alcohol and drugs as it is distributed and undetected throughout our communities. We also realise that our perspective towards alcohol has been distorted and thus creating a culture of law breaking people.

We believe that in order to grow a nation, we need to grow the youth to manage all the personal difficulties in order to achieve their highest potential. Through various methods of life coaching, business coaching and spiritual development, we aim to create the solid foundation for all to manage the day to day struggles of life.

With the ever growing technical advancements in the market, we will be able to educate the nation through highly effective mediums in order to ensure that even the remote areas of Botswana will get the education needed.

Our relationship with BOSASNet is not of a competitive nature, but rather a collaboration. With the market being overwhelming, we aim to collaborate with all relevant NGO’s and Companies in order to provide a variety of programs that will essentially develop the nation.

Growing the Nation

We are in collaboration with several highly trained coaches around Botswana and internationally, in order to design, create and train the Human Resource market for all corporations to develop the national service and productivity standard.

From our research we have learnt that a large percentage of employees lose motivation and drive within their first 6 months of joining a company.

We tackle their inner inadequacies to build there goals to grow individually and as a team member, which will increase employment value and productivity.